How To Find a Perfect Diet Plan for Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight by getting on a diet? While it’s an extremely good idea, watch out for fad diets that promise rapid weight loss that are based on the concept of food deprivation. The biggest issue with such diets is that they severely restrict calories and the majority of weight lost is water weight and muscle mass, without even tapping into fat deposits. That’s why it becomes imperative to get on a weight loss diet that would target fat layers and preserve muscle mass. A good diet plan should be kind to your body and mind, help you drop considerable weight, and sustain it. While following the plan, you should feel happy, energetic, and lighter. The wrong kind of diet will deprive you of enough food, sap all energy, leave you lethargic, and one would be counting days to get off it. On the wrong kind of diet, you would most likely resort to yo-yo dieting, which would make shedding extra pounds extremely difficult the next time around with lowered metabolism and out of whack hormones. It is a known fact that weight loss boils down to 80% diet and 20% exercise and that’s why it becomes extremely important to choose the right kind of diet to go on. If you have “tried and are tired of” going back and forth on popular several diets that rarely work, you probably need to read this post on how to find a perfect diet plan for weight loss.

1. It should not be based on Food Deprivation: Calorie deficit is the main factor that leads to drop in weight; cutting down too many calories or crash dieting, will hamper your goals because. Severely restricting calorie can affect the smooth running of body functions. Also, crash dieting also would mean cutting down of food sources that provide nutrients and it would eventually lead to hair fall, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots. With crash dieting, you would end up looking malnourished and weak rather than fit and healthy. Crash dieting will leave you with little or absolutely no energy to do workouts or exercise, so there you go – multiple reasons why you should not try crash diet. Crash dieting also slows down metabolism and keeps fat burning to minimal. That’s why following Rati Beauty weight loss program takes off the pressure of counting calories, and keeps the problem of crash dieting away.

2. You Should Feel Energized All Day: With the right amount of nutrition, you should feel energized all day rather than exhausted and fatigued. A good diet would promote eating right, not eating less.

3. It should not cut out Major Food Groups: A good diet would always encourage you to eat a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and even healthy fats. You can always go low carb and switch to complex carbs, but aiming for zero carbs is never advisable, and it’s not sustainable either.

4. Should Include Exercise: As we have mentioned above, weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise, and if someone says you can skip exercise, they are pushing you towards the wrong direction. From yoga, to stretching, HIIT, to even brisk walking, every form of exercise is great for losing weight.

5. Should not include Pills, Powders, Potions That Promise to Melt Fat: No healthy diet would promote fat cutter pills or potions because they just do not work!

6. Allows you to Consume Local Produce: A lot of people think weight loss diets are expensive because they revolve basically around exotic superfoods such as kale and grapefruits; on the contrary, a good diet would promote consumption of local produce like millets, fresh vegetables and fruits, that have more nutrients and retain their flavour. Believe us, you can lose weight by eating food available in your local grocery store.

7. Encourages Portion Control: Portion control is an essential aspect to lose weight because it prevents overeating. If you are clueless about portion control, here are a few tips to get you started (10 Tips to Portion Control for Weight Loss).

8. Should Include Plenty of Vegetables and a Portion of Fruit: One cannot lose weight by eating just ice cream (a diet even promotes eating 1 kg of ice per day) or grapefruits day in and day out, or by detoxing every single day, none of these are sustainable. The right kind of weight loss diet would advocate eating bigger portions of vegetables and two to three servings of fruits each day.

9. Encourages you to complete 7 Hours of Sleep: Not getting enough sleep can ruin your weight loss goals by slowing down the metabolism, throwing essential fat-burning hormones out of whack, and preventing the body from burning fat. Less than 7 hours of sleeping hours will also raise the levels of hunger hormone “ghrelin” and stress hormone cortisol, and you will wake up “hangry” in the morning, craving for unhealthy food.

10. Allows Cheat Meals: Yes, cheat meals are necessary – it helps to kickstart a sluggish metabolism and to trick the body into believing that food is coming and it’s okay to reach out to fat reserves in the body and burn them. Without the scope of a weekly cheat meal, it’s difficult to continue any diet.

11. Makes Sure you are Making Lifestyle Changes: As we have always maintained, only the right kind of diet coupled with regular exercise will help shave extra pounds off you, but along with these two main factors, making little lifestyle changes and making healthy habits out of them are needed to accelerate the pace at which you drop weight. When you make lifestyle habits, you would not only look better, you would feel better, and there would be lesser chances of failure. Most importantly, it’s easier to incorporate these lifestyle habits into daily routine and get maximum results. So, let’s find out what exactly lifestyle habits would help you with weight loss – here are 17 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss.

Summing up, Rati Beauty diet on the Rati Beauty app takes all these factors into consideration and encourages you to eat healthy, eat right, exercise along with dieting, and yippie, also allows cheat meals, and is an inexpensive way to melt unwanted layers of fat.

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