How quickly does hair grow?


Haircuts resumed for the first time in months in April, ditch the clippers and DIY jobs. But some people may have committed to growing it out and have a set goal they’d like for their future hairdos. As such, they will wonder how quickly their hair will grow and whether they can speed up the process.

How quickly does hair grow?

Hair grows from a root underneath the scalp, fuelled by blood vessels.

The blood creates cells that push the hair through the skin, and it dies on the way.

While the biological processes the same for everyone, hair growth speed varies.

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There are signs to look out for that show hair isn’t growing enough, as well.

Dominic Burg, a trichologist and chief scientist at Evolis Professional, told Cosmopolitan there are indicators that people’s hair cycles aren’t long enough.

He said: “You lose about 50 to 100 hairs every day, which is about 0.001 percent of your total hair.

“Now, when you notice that amount doubling or tripling, that’s an indication that your hair cycle is too short.”



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