How Helena Christensen, 55, Maintains Her “Healthy Glow”


From her time as a Victoria’s Secret angel to her role as creative director at Nylon magazine and even her starring roles in iconic music videos like Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” Helena Christensen has been shaking up the beauty and fashion industry throughout her career.

Now, at 55 years old, she’s reflecting on her beauty journey and what it’s taught her, as the model opened up to Harper’s Bazaar this week. During her sit-down with the publication, Christensen revealed the product line and application tactics she swears by for ensuring a “healthy glow,” and we’re taking notes. 

How Helena Christensen Keeps Her Skin Glowing at 55

While Christensen was long known for her sassy glam looks and striking red lips, she revealed to Harper’s that, while she may not go full-glam everyday, she never neglects skin care. “I’ve learned the importance of sun protection and the long-term benefits of taking good care of my skin,” she explains, “I’m a sucker for serums, oils, tonics, and mists, and try to apply them throughout the day,” she told the outlet. Her favorite skin-care brand, you may ask? Penny Frances Apothecary. “These all help to maintain my skin’s moisture and elasticity, which is crucial for a healthy glow.” 

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Christensen also noted that mastering her application has been another key factor in keeping her skin radiant. “I’ve learned to use your fingertips when applying makeup and to use creamy rather than powder forms. This method allows for a more natural, dewy finish that lets the skin breathe, letting freckles to be seen and the skin to glow. These simple yet effective techniques have revolutionized the way I approach makeup and skin care, emphasizing the importance of enhancing rather than masking.”



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