Hotels And Resorts With Tailor Made Experience Offerings Will Survive In 2022-23


With tourism expecting a robust growth in 2022 and is expected to grow exponentially in 2023, travellers are looking for bespoke, handpicked, and tailor-made experiences. And luxury hotels and resorts are pampering their guests with the required luxury.

Travel and tourism sector, throughout the globe, witnessed a rush of digital and physical innovations across amid the unprecedented times of the pandemic. In enduring one of the hardest eras that humanity has ever experienced, the tourism sector has demonstrated its resiliency and its value.

In the spirit to celebrate World Tourism Day, Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin, says, “The tourism industry in India has not only recovered but is now thriving better than it was before the outbreak. It is heart-warming to see, travellers, many of whom have been largely confined to their homes for months, are starting to see the world, once again. This has compelled the industry to rethink and reimagine the offerings, paying attention to the finest of details. As the number of travelers expand, tourism and hospitality industry are adapting to the new needs and evolving trends of the segment.”

Guaranteed benefits and exquisite experiences will pave the way. 2023 will see environmentally conscious, lifestyle seeking hotels and resorts a uptick in their bookings. The mantra is tailor made.

At Jehan Numa, patrons will be treated to The Generals’ Table, a private dining experience and a royal feast from their Great Grandfather’s kitchen. Lost Recipes of Central India at the retreat translates centuries-old culinary narrative of the region into an experiential meal. “Our experiences are designed for gourmets, historians, adventurers, naturalists, and those seeking something beyond the ordinary,” says Faiz Rashid, Director, Jehan Numa Group of Hotels. The museum at the Palace is a collection of rare photos and memorabilia of our ancestors, their various engagements, and the city. Horse Safaris at Reni Pani Jungle Lodge offers guests a unique perspective of the Satpura landscape and so on.  “We strive to restore the culture and history of Bhopal and conserve the wilderness of the landscape we operate in while providing our guests the highest quality of service and a unique brand of conscious luxury,” adds Rashid.

Instead of cookie-cutter rooms and itineraries, discerning travellers choose hotels that offer a memorable experience, irrespective of the destination or location. The Roseate Ganges since its inception has been offering alluring bespoke experiences, that include personal Ganga Aarti, visit to the Beatles Ashram and yoga on a private beach, making it a preferred resort for travellers. “At Roseate Hotels & Resorts, we constantly upgrade our lifestyle experiences and offer specially curated bespoke itineraries to our guests. For instance, wellness being on the agenda of most travellers, we have introduced a day long wellness package that includes naadi check on arrival, detox meals, treatment at our Aheli Spa and yoga session,” notes Kush Kapoor, CEO, Roseate Hotels & Resorts.  Hotels that offer unique experiences survive and charge a premium for the offerings.

The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the way people consume travel. Travellers are looking out for experiences that add value to their time spent during a holiday. There is an uptake in the demand for wellness retreats because of the experience they bring to the table coupled with the benefits of healthy living. “We at Fazlani Natures Nest have created an amalgamation of nature and wellness therapies to offer unique and enhanced experiences for our guests. Apart from Ayurveda and Naturopathy wellness therapies we offer some of the unique therapeutic experiences like Equine Therapy and Ecotherapy. Guests are offered an opportunity to walk, brush, pet, and care for a horse,” says Onkar Singh, Vice President, Hospitality & Wellness Operations, Fazlani Natures Nest.

Guests can feed birds, pet a pony and milk a goat and experience how each of these activities are therapeutic. One can also experience forest bathing at the resort, basically contacting and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. We offer people an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout and to inspire them to reconnect with nature,” adds Singh.

With the world becoming a smaller place and the internet taking over our lives, the novelty of places and old travel narratives stand reduced. In a world with a constantly changing dynamic, heartfelt experiences are the only constant. What makes a travel experience truly stand out is its ability to respectfully showcase a new kaleidoscope of culture, history, society and art, the soft magic that remains enchanting in a world of overwhelming options available at the press of buttons and a few thousand dollars. Raj Singh, Founder Chairman, Group, Antara Luxury River Cruises, says, “I truly believe and practice slow and sustainable travel with local communities participation and experiential hospitality on board all our 5 ships at Antara River Cruises, to ensure the seasoned traveller has more to savour every time he comes back home to us.”

The customer is seeking a mosaic of experiences that are true to the land, inspiring and unique and benefit the local communities collectively. “Our guests seek us out for holidays that cover everything from nature and wilderness to history, culture, cuisine, community, and wellbeing. Active holidays are gaining popularity where guests can get close to nature through deep sea diving and intertidal walks at Tilar Siro in the Andamans, go on naturalist led biosphere exploration at Wayanad Wild, trek in the forest with tribal forest guards at spice village near Periyar Tiger Reserve, kayaking and stand-up paddling along the narrow canals and large lake to discover village life and the biodiversity of the backwaters from coconut lagoon in Kumarakom,” opines Mridula Jose, Vice President Marketing, CGH Earth.

There has been a drastic shift in people’s demands for luxury post pandemic. They are willing to go to any lengths to avail these services and make this a memorable experience. At Taj Hotel & Convention Centre guests can enjoy morning yoga at an infinity pool, in-room lavish breakfast, puppet shows and live music. “We have a special Noor-E-Taj show that highlights Taj Mahal’s history and rich history of Agra. At THCC we believe in offering modern amenities but also feel of Agra’s culture that is blended seamlessly in experiences that we offer,” believes Paritosh Ladhani, JMD, Sincere Developers Pvt Ltd, owning company of Taj Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra.

Become a part of the luxury revolution that Indian tourism is undergoing and experience beauty.

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