HIMSSCast: How the healthcare system fails patients, and how it can do better


Matthew Zachary – cancer survivor, patient advocate, influencer, pianist, and podcast DJ – joins host Jonah Comstock to tell his story and break down his patient’s-eye view of the healthcare system and what needs to change for it to serve its consumers better. In a wide-ranging conversation, and with Matthew’s irreverent style, they address topics like patient experience, financial incentives, socioeconomic disparities, and more.

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Talking points:

  • Matthew’s patient story
  • Patient advocacy in a nutshell
  • The beginnings of the modern patient-centered movement and the founding of Stupid Cancer
  • Challenges in today’s healthcare system
  • What can healthcare stakeholders do to make life better for patients?
  • Aligning monetary incentives with patient needs and experiences
  • Clinical trial databases as examples of profits over patients
  • The challenge of bringing good care to minority and underserved groups
  • The gaps between innovation, adoption and patient awareness

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