High cholesterol: Symptoms include pain when walking – could require ‘immediate treatment’


High cholesterol can silently build up in your arteries triggering health issues, ranging from heart disease to strokes. Although the waxy substance doesn’t often draw attention to itself, one area that could ring alarm bells is your legs.

The lack of blood flow to your legs can sometimes lead to a condition known as peripheral artery disease (PAD).

The NHS explains that this “common” condition can trigger pain when you walk.

The health service shares that you can develop a “painful ache” when you are standing and walking about.

The pain is characterised by disappearing after a few minutes of resting.


How to lower high cholesterol

From lifestyle tweaks to medication, there are different measures for retrieving your cholesterol from the red zone.

For instance, a cholesterol-busting diet focuses on cutting down on saturated fat – think sausages, biscuits, and cheese.

Other lifestyle changes like exercise, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol, could also help.

However, some patients might need to take a medication called statins to prevent further complications and get their levels under control.



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