High cholesterol: Plant-sterol yoghurt can ‘significantly’ lower cholesterol levels


It can be difficult to spot high cholesterol as it doesn’t cause many symptoms. But having high levels can make you prone to heart problems or strokes. These serious conditions can be life-threatening, so it’s important to keep your levels in check.

They are mainly present in vegetable oils but can be also found in nuts, legumes, grains and cereals.

Food companies then use these cholesterol-lowering goodies to fortify various foods, including yoghurt.

That’s why a simple product like plant sterol-enriched yoghurt can slash your cholesterol levels.

What happens in your body after you eat plant sterols?

After you eat these fortified foods, they get absorbed from the intestines into your bloodstream.


There’s one catch – only people with high cholesterol levels can benefit from eating plant-sterol enriched yoghurt, Heart UK explains.

When it comes to how much yoghurt you need to eat, the charity advises opting for one to three servings of enriched foods daily.

If yoghurt isn’t your thing, there are also other products, such as butter, dairy drinks and more.

In the UK, brands like Flora and Benecol offer plant sterol enriched products.



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