High blood pressure: The single food that could help reduce your risk of the condition


is a common affliction that increases your risk of suffering a or .

Reducing blood pressure can be achieved through a variety of lifestyle changes.

Alongside regular exercise, limiting alcohol and not smoking, diet is an important avenue of controlling your blood sugar.

Certain foods have been experimented with for their potential to lower blood pressure.

Amaranths fall into the group of whole grains which have been linked to other health benefits.

A meta-analysis published in Advanced Nutrition found that a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy was effective in preventing the development of high blood pressure.

This diet was also linked with a reduction in risk for type 2 diabetes.

Type two diabetes is a common comorbidity for hypertension, with both sharing risk factors such as being overweight.

Pseudocereals have a different nutritional profile, with many of them being higher in protein than grains like wheat and rice.

Alongside amaranth, other examples include quinoa and chia seeds.

They can serve as a healthy source of fibre, unsaturated fat, and multiple vitamins and vitamins.

Quinoa has been identified to also reduce blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease.

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