Here’s Why You Should Drink Whiskey On the Rocks


High quality allows for both simplicity and adaptability. A great single malt Scotch whiskey does not require any additional ingredients to be consumed. It can be taken with some water, or “on the rocks.” But what exactly does it mean to serve whiskey on the rocks, and why would you do so?

Whiskey on the rocks is just whiskey poured over ice, as opposite to neat liquor in a glass without anything added. While the phrase “on the rocks” can refer to any alcoholic beverage, it is most generally associated with and linked to whiskey. It is often regarded as one of the ideal ways to consume whiskey, since it does not mask the flavour of the liquor and can even improve it.

How would whiskey on the rocks affect the experience?

Cools your drink

Ordering a drink on the rocks might offer a number of advantages for your cocktail. The first and most obvious benefit is that it cools your drink. A mixed cocktail is seldom consumed without ice, since most are swirled or shaken with ice in order to be savoured at the appropriate temperature.

Enhances the taste and aroma

Aside from just chilling your drink, ice may bring out the flavour and fragrances of spirits such as whiskey and scotch. Many elitist whiskey connoisseurs may argue that tainting a good, neat glass of whiskey with ice is distasteful, but we see nothing bad with a rock or two in an old-school glass of whiskey.

Eliminates the edge of alcohol

The dilution provided by water can reduce the intensity of the alcohol’s taste. As a result, you can have taste of other ingredients in the whiskey since the alcohol isn’t overpowering your taste receptors. This is why high-proof bourbon whiskeys benefit more from ice or water than milder bourbon whiskeys.

Rehydrated the body

During the warmer months, drinking cooled whiskey might be more pleasant. The presence of ice also has the added effect of hydrating your body, which is important during hot summer days.

All of this is due to the fact that the principle molecule responsible for this flavour, guaiacol, interacts better when the appropriate quantity of water or ice is put to whiskey. This implies that adding water will enhance both the flavour and scent of the whiskey.

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