Here’s Why You Should Avoid Taking Sugary Drinks Regularly


Majority of people continue to consume sugary drinks daily or weekly despite knowing its negative effects on health. Sugary drinks, if consumed regularly, may cause several diseases including diabetes and obesity.

Here are a few side effects of excess consumption of sugary drinks.

Weight gain

Sugar adds to your calorie intake. Many studies have shown that people who drink sweet drinks regularly, be it cold drinks, fruit juice or sweetened coffee, tend to gain weight more dramatically than those who are on a healthy diet.

In one study conducted among children, each daily serving of sugar-sweetened beverages was linked to a whopping 60% increased risk of obesity.

Leading cause of Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common ailments that people suffer all over the globe. Those who regularly drink fizzy drinks are at 1.1% more risk to catch the ailment. To put that in context, if the whole population of America consumed sugary drinks regularly, around 3.6 million more people will suffer with Type 2 diabetes.

Sugar contains no nutrients

Sugar has just sugar in it. No minerals, no vitamins and no fiber. Sugar deprives your body of many essential nutrients that is needed for its smooth functioning.

Sugar puts heart at risk

If you consume sugar regularly, you put your organs at a risk of malfunctioning. But what worse can you do to put your heart at risk? A research on 40,000 men proved that those who consumed a sugary drink at least once a day, were 20% more at risk of suffering or even dying by a heart-attack.

You can prevent everything by just avoiding that can or bottle, which in the long-term is a poison for you.

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