Here’s How Isabgol Can Help You Lose Weight, Read On


The presence of an Isabgol box in our desi households is proof enough that we are well aware of psyllium husk’s digestive and gut-friendly properties. However, very few of us are familiar with its benefits for weight loss. Many people, especially those with chronic conditions like diabetes, are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight. Psyllium may help you lose weight in addition to being excellent for your heart and blood sugar levels.

According to Healthline, psyllium is a fibre manufactured from the husks of the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. It’s also referred to as ispaghula. It’s best recognised for being a laxative and has proven to be good for many organs of the human body, including the heart, pancreas and intestines, among other things. Husk granules, powder, and capsules are the most common forms of husk accessible, and it is used as a nutritional supplement by people all over the world. It is highly absorbent, absorbing water to form a thick, viscous substance that aids digestion. As a result, it aids in the control of blood glucose, cholesterol, and tri-glycerides.

Because psyllium absorbs liquid in your body, it might aid in the sensation of fullness. This can assist you in limiting the amount of food you consume. Psyllium husk is high in both insoluble and soluble fibre, making it a healthy choice for consumption. Additionally, fiber aids in smooth bowel movement and keeps us feeling full for longer periods of time by absorbing water and forming a layer in our stomach that gives us a feeling of fullness for longer periods of time. When combined with water, psyllium husk expands up to ten times its original size, making you feel fuller for longer. Moreover, it stimulates the immune system, improves digestion, and aids in colon cleansing, all of which help to create a resistance to fat growth, as well as aid in fat burning and weight loss. Although it increases stamina, it contains fewer calories and is a much healthier option for weight loss because maintaining a calorie deficit is easier with low-calorie foods.

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