Healthy Dessert Recipe Which will Help You Shed Kilos Along With Providing Relief in Arthritis


Dessert is something that completes a meal. Well, we can’t ignore the fact that with dessert comes a plate full of calories. And, most of us tend to control our cravings. So, what if we tell you that there is one sweet dish that helps you in losing weight as well as relieve joint pain, then? Yes, it is possible. Let’s look at the recipe of the magical dish and decode the secret behind its ingredients.

Makhana Kheer

  • Take few dates and deseed them.
  • Soak them in a cup full of warm milk.
  • Roast some almonds and makhana in hot ghee.
  • Now, take a kadhai and add a litre of milk to it.
  • Boil the milk on low flame.
  • Now, make a coarse powder of the roasted makhanas.
  • Add makhana powder and almonds to the boiling milk.
  • Keep stirring it until the milk becomes thick.
  • Add jaggery powder at the end to complete the dish and bring in the sweetness.

Decoding the ingredients:


Makhana, which is also known as fox nuts, are a healthy dish when it comes to weight loss. They are low in cholesterol and are really good to bring down high blood pressure. They have an inherited sweet taste which makes them ideal for people with diabetes. They are also a rich source of protein and calcium. The calcium content of Makhana helps in relieving joint pain.


Ghee is loaded with healthy fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Therefore, a teaspoonful of ghee is recommended for people who are spiring to loss weight. Apart from it, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the inflammation of joints and provide them with lubrication.


Almonds are also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which help in reducing inflammation of joints and other muscle tissues. Almonds are also said to be good for weight loss as they provide the body with healthy carbohydrates.


Milk is a great source of animal protein and calcium. It helps in building up the bones. Therefore, doctors recommend having a glass full of warm milk which makes the bones stronger and helps in reducing joint pain. Milk is also a good option for protein intake which helps in muscle building and providing strength during the weight loss process.


Jaggery helps in boosting the metabolism of the body. It is rich in potassium and is said to be a healthy alternative to sugar. Jaggery is also of various varieties. Jaggery made with dates is said to be healthier than jaggery made with sugarcane. Jaggery is also proven to provide warmth to joints and muscles which eventually relieves the pain.


Dates are a storehouse of nutrients. It has a lot of minerals such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and so on. They are proven to help people suffering from arthritis. Also, they are a rich source of fibre which aids weight loss.

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