Hangover cure myths busted: Dietician shares the do’s and don’ts of curing symptoms


Downing electrolyte-filled drinks

Sports drinks with added electrolytes are widely available, and are a hangover go-to for many, but do they really work?

According to Dr Phillips, they can help to rehydrate the body which can get rid of headaches.

The dietician explained: “Dehydration can be a real issue after drinking too much alcohol, as alcohol is a diuretic, and this is especially true if you’ve experienced any vomiting. Sports drinks with simple sugars and added electrolytes are a way to rehydrate and replenish the sodium and potassium balance in the body helping to normalise nerve and muscle function.

“The rehydration also comes with a hefty amount of sugar which can give a bit of a short-term energy boost, but I’d suggest having some longer-lasting complex carbs alongside to make that energy more sustainable.”

Toasting away your hangover with hair of the dog

From mimosas to bloody Marys, your favourite brunch spot might offer an array of breakfast cocktails that many believe can beat the dreaded hangover.

Dr Phillips said: “This is probably the worst thing you can do.

“Even the so-called bloody Mary won’t do the trick – the salty drink might taste good but it’s likely to just delay recovering from your hangover as you continue to be dehydrated.

“Your liver is working away to metabolise the alcohol and the ‘hair of the dog’ simply loads more alcohol into your body while it’s trying to break down the alcohol that you’ve already had.”



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