Halsey Has Long, Blonde “Forest Witch” Hair in New Makeup-Free Selfies – Photos


Just when you think Halsey is going to stick to their naturally dark brown hair for good — wait, does anyone ever think Halsey is going to stick to any hair color forever? Pshaw. The singer is a prolific hair chameleon, so even when they’re brunette for a while, like they have been for what seems like almost every day of the last year, you know it’s only a matter of time before a major change is made. 

And it seems time was up for Halsey’s dark hair on Sunday, May 1. They posted a carousel of photos and videos to their Instagram grid, kicking it off with a gorgeous makeup-free selfie that reveals not only a flawless, freckled complexion but also an incredible new hair look that’s perfect for summer. “Tree spirit 🌳 a quiet May Day morning,” they wrote in the caption.

Halsey is seen with long, beachy, blonde waves with darker roots and two trendy face-framing braids. The second shot shows the hair reaches the middle of their back. 

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