From Weak Nails to Hair Fall, Signs That Your Body Lacks Protein


Protein is one of the most essential nutrients our body needs. It helps in controlling blood sugar and strengthening body muscles. If you go to the gym, the first thing your trainer will ask you is to increase protein intake. Paneer, meat, egg and other food items are found rich in protein.

Taking adequate protein helps in increased metabolism and faster weight loss too. However, people who think having a balanced diet keeps the protein intake fine, then they are wrong. Bodyweight determines the protein requirements. Experts say that a human body needs a gram of protein for each kilogram of body weight.

Here are a few signs that you are not consuming enough protein:

Weak nails

In case your body is lacking protein, then it shows on your hair and skin. If your nails are hard but still break easily and take time to grow, then it is a sign of protein deficiency. You need to gear up on your protein intake.

Excess hair fall

Protein is required to have healthy hair and scalp. A dry scalp weakens the roots and hence, results in hair fall. If you are facing the problem of excess hair fall, dry and itchy scalp, then, instead of using various hair care products, increase your protein intake. Our hair reflects what we eat. It is important to treat them internally rather than externally.

Frequently hungry

If you are someone who has their meal properly but starts feeling hungry in no time, then you must see what’s on your plate. Some people have a habit of eating frequently without hunger, while others feel hungry all the time. The ones who are always hungry are not having enough protein. Protein fills your stomach. You can change it by introducing protein-rich foods into your diet.

Loss of muscle mass

Protein helps in building muscles. If you are experiencing muscle wasting, then your body lacks protein. It is one of the most essential signs to check the protein imbalance in your body.

Severe injuries and slower healing process

Sometimes, minor injuries can have a major effect. A small scratch becomes a bigger injury if you are not having adequate protein. In bodies that lack protein, the normal injuries too last for days as lower protein in the body slows the healing process.

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