Find Out The Health Benefits of Curry Leaves


Who doesn’t love the curry leaves putting an extra edge of flavour in food? People recognise it almost immediately given its strong aroma. Besides, it helps accentuate the flavour of any Indian dish in a big way. But did you know it is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, B12? Curry leaves come highly recommended because of their amazing health benefits. Let us look at all the possible ways of what curry leaves have to offer regarding our health:

1. Weight loss

Consuming curry leaves helps in losing weight. The method of consumption may vary as per your choice. For example, you might try having it in a dried form or through meals. In fact, you can add curry leaves to your salads. It is a rich source of carbazole alkaloids that help fight weight gain. Plus, it also plays a significant role in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Boosts memory

Consume curry leaves every day if you want your brain to work in the best possible way. As per a study conducted and published in Phytotherapy Research (March 2009), there is ample proof that curry leaves to aid in the retention capacity of the brain, if taken regularly.

3. Solves digestive problems

Curry leaves help to keep the stomach happy by curing problems such as flatulence, dysentery, constipation and diarrhoea. You can chew some raw curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning to aid bowel movement. However, if you cannot consume raw, simply grind some leaves and add them to buttermilk or curd. You will gradually start noticing the medicinal benefits that come with having curry leaves regularly.

4. Relieves nausea

Pregnant women can try curry leaves when they feel nauseated. Plus, a boiled essence of the bark can minimise excess vomiting. It can help the stomach release vital digestive enzymes thereby relieving morning sickness.

Now, when you consume curry leaves, you can think of all the power-packed benefits that it has to offer. You will not fail to notice the effects that it will bring on when you make this side-effect-free herb a part of your diet.

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