Eyesight: Blurry vision or double vision may be ’caused by tumours’ – list of symptoms


Cancer Research UK says: “You might find that your eyesight is getting worse and glasses are not helping. Or your vision comes and goes. You might lose the ability to see out of the corner of your eyes, making you bump into cars or objects on your left or right side.”

The charity says brain tumours cause symptoms because they take up space inside the skull when they grow, and because of their position in the brain.

The charity says: “The symptoms can develop gradually over some months or even years if the tumour is slow growing. Or quickly over days or weeks if the tumour is fast growing.”

It says: “Seizures happen in up to eight out of every 10 people (up to 80 percent) with a brain tumour. You might have some jerking or twitching of your hands, arms or legs. Or your seizure might affect your whole body.”



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