Experts Share Incredible Smile Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own


Essential Upgrade for an Essential Worker

Smile Experts: Cranberry Township, PA cosmetic dentists Drs. Brian and Rob Klaich
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Concern: “Our office organized a ‘Smile Giveaway’ to reward one of many essential workers who provided services through the COVID-19 pandemic in Pittsburgh. The response from our community was overwhelming. Upon reading Patricia’s entry, we knew immediately that she was the type of person we were hoping to give back to. What really struck us about her story was her unwavering dedication to help others. Not only did she provide our community with crucial services during the pandemic but she also plans to attend medical school so she can further serve local underprivileged communities. Patricia noted that she lacked confidence in her stained, uneven teeth. It was preventing her from smiling around others and expressing her outgoing personality. Her smile insecurity had become less of a focus during the pandemic when she was wearing a mask at all times, but now she was ready to do something about it and stop hiding her smile behind her mask.”

Treatment: “Our office designed eight porcelain restorations and used laser gum recontouring to enhance her smile. Her two front teeth required full coverage, all-porcelain crowns and the remaining six were treated with porcelain veneers. Previous trauma to Patricia’s front teeth caused them to darken over time. Crowns were appropriate to protect the root-canaled teeth while also addressing their darker color and lack of natural tooth structure. Veneers and gum recontouring allowed us to even the heights and shape of her teeth while closing the spacing around her canines. All in all, these restorations will provide long-lasting, dependable results with excellent aesthetics.”

Why This Case Inspires Us: “Her determination to better her community and care for others genuinely embodied the spirit we wanted to reward. Giving an individual like Patricia a big, beautiful smile that matches her personality is the greatest feeling. This is exactly why we do what we do for a living.”



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