Expert optometrist warns ‘misty and patchy vision’ could be an early warning sign of glauc


Speaking exclusively to, Giles Edmonds stated “any changes in vision could be a sign”. Narrowing it down, the eye expert identifies “misty and patchy vision” as one of the most subtle warning signs of the condition. “Glaucoma usually occurs when naturally occurring fluid inside the eye does not drain properly which results in a build-up of pressure,” he explained. “This can cause damage to the optic nerve, [which] carries information about what is being seen from the eye to the brain.”

Many people are unaware they have the condition, which is why Edmonds stressed that getting a regular eye check-up is the best form of defence.

Edmonds said: “Many people have missed their eye test due to the pandemic.”

Urging the nation to attend their appointments, or to make an appointment, Edmond shares how optimetrists can detect the disease at any stage.

“The optic nerve can be assessed in a variety of ways during your eye examination,” he said.

“Any very subtle blind spots, or areas with reduced vision – which you will probably be unaware of – can be an indicator of the condition,” Edmonds said.

Glaucoma is predicted to rise by 44 percent in the next decade, but diagnosing the condition can make a difference.

“Any vision which has been lost to glaucoma can’t be recovered,” said Edmonds.

However, “with early diagnosis, careful monitoring and regular treatment, most people retain useful sight for life”.



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