Exercising In The Evening May Not Be A Good Idea. Ayurveda Explains Why


You presumably don’t need to be told how important exercise is for your overall well-being at this point. Even the less obvious benefits of working out – increased energy, improved creative streaks, and even improved quality of sleep – are well-documented. However, it would be helpful if someone told you where you were meant to adjust your workout time into your already packed life. Many people, especially late risers, opt for exercising late in the evening because of their hectic schedules. But is it ideal? Dr Varalakshmi Yanamandra recently posted on Instagram about why working out in the evening might be a bad idea as per Ayurveda.

Her post stated that ideally, evening time is the time of the day when your body should go into rest and relax mode. Also, evening workouts might not suit everyone. According to Dr Varalakshmi, the night is a Vata dominant phase by nature and working out late at night might increase Vata and interrupt sleep patterns. It might also disrupt one’s dosha.

After 7 pm, your body temperature decreases and you begin to feel drowsy. At this time, our body is generally preparing for sleep. Working out at this time might interfere with your biological cycles. Exercising also stimulates the release of adrenaline and other energising chemicals that can interrupt your sleep cycle. Evening exercises might also conflict with everyday duties, especially if they tend to accumulate over the day.

Even though exercising in the evening is complicated, you can make it work if you keep a few things in mind.

Just ensure you have not eaten anything heavy 30 minutes prior to the workout. Also, make sure you have not consumed too much liquid, such as water, before exercising. This can occasionally cause a stomach ache. Before you begin exercising, try to feel light. You can take a walk or attend some evening yoga sessions.

Keep in mind to not exercise right before going to bed. It should be at least two to three hours before your bedtime. It will assist you in getting better sleep at night.

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