Excessive Consumption of Dolo 650 May Be Life-Threatening. Read All Side-Effects Here


In the last 2 years, Covid-19 turned our world upside down and caused millions of deaths. In most of the reported cases, the common symptoms of Covid are cold, cough, fever and lung infection, but till now no exact treatment for Coronavirus has been discovered. And because the virus is being treated based on symptoms, people started taking medicines like Dolo-650 fiercely even without medical advice.

However, do you know that there are many potential side effects of this medication? While there are benefits, there are also side effects — some even life-threatening. Therefore, we must understand the side effects of this medicine.

Reason Why Dolo is Widely Used:

Dolo-650 is a medication that contains paracetamol, which helps against fever and other symptoms noticed among Covid-19 patients. Additionally, Dolo-650 also provides relief in headache, toothache, back pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, which is why this medicine has been used fiercely without any prescription.

After the use of this medicine, it reduces the pain signals sent to the brain, which gives relief to the patients. The use of this medicine also inhibits the chemical prostaglandins released in our bodies. Doctors have found that this chemical is responsible for increasing pain and body temperature.

Common Side-Effects Of Dolo:


Low blood pressure


Feeling weak

Excessive sleepiness

Feeling unwell


Feeling faint

Dry mouth


Serious Side-Effects of Dolo:

Slow heartbeat

Swelling of vocal cord

Lung infection

Shortness of breath

Nervous system affected

Increased heartbeat

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