Exactly How LED Light Therapy Works for Your Skin


Light Color: Red

How It Works: Although early research surrounding LED therapy shows no conclusive evidence about its benefits, the treatment is still touted by skin experts as a gentle anti-ager. “Red light boosts collagen, which helps reduce lines and wrinkles,” says celebrity aesthetician Shani Darden.

Who It’s For: It’s great for combating the signs of aging. “In addition to stimulating collagen, it can increase circulation and reduce inflammation. It also diminishes dark spots and improves skin elasticity,” says New York dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD.

In-Office Treatments: “I have a full LED Bed at my studio,” says Darden. “LED light for the body has the same anti-aging benefits for the face, like boosting collagen and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It can also speed up healing and reduce pain, along with boosting your immune system so you look and feel amazing as well.”

At Home Devices: Zero Gravity Skin Perfectio ($1499)
Three five-minute sessions per week for one month are recommended to see the benefits of red light therapy with this facial treatment device, which provides both LED light and topical heating to increase blood flow.



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