Embrace Spirituality With These Fashion Ideas


Have you ever thought about how our spiritual and religious practices influence fashion? Having faith or a perspective towards god, there can exist a deep connection between what one wears and where their thoughts revolve. As we understand that – our appearances are extremely important for expressing who we feel and think our personalities are. It forms an identity that is reflective of our thoughts, ideologies and beliefs.

Spirituality and religious thoughts are open-ended. They freely revolve around us and the freedom to imbue spirituality in fashion has created a newfound interest, bringing a cultural shift in the world. We are seeing more local shops in religious places expanding their merchandise sections to include spirituality with fashion – creating sustainable, meaningful and more inclusive fashion ideas for the youth.

Samast Alhawat, Founder, PrabhuBhakti says, “In this materialistic world, we are surrounded by influencers whether celebrities or movie stars who influence our everyday lives. Similarly, our internal values are influenced by what we are surrounded with and our shopping habits. Admit it, a true believer of god finds it super easy to be seduced by buying a t-shirt printed with God’s name than going to temple every day.”

Jewels to reflect spirituality

Spiritual jewellery and clothes have been around for decades. Be it a basic ‘Chola’ or ‘mala’ made with handpicked stones and rudraksha. However, their energy has received more recognition with the emergence of social media and word-of-mouth activities. As everyone strives for luck, prosperity and good health, spiritual jewellery is showcasing its capabilities in aligning the positive and progressive direction with an individual’s inner spirits.

Authentic spiritual jewellery isn’t just about the design relevant to today’s fashion. Instead, a majority of accessories include stones and evil-eye symbols to add exclusiveness. Many people are buying several credible bracelets based on their intention and preferences for spiritual awareness and inner cleansing. Some jewels bring positivity and power to take our inner self towards spiritual development.

“Spiritual jewellery must be worn with an idea to instill healthy traits while contributing towards amplification of beauty quotient. Some stones like ruby, sapphire, silver adornments or even evil eye doesn’t make you look out of place. However, it strikes a perfect balance between your inner self and outer beauty,” adds Alhawat.

Spirituality manifested in fashionable clothes

It is the belief in God that protects a person from negative forces and heals them at the time when required. By using the universal appeal of clothing with god’s faith, people feel connected, giving them a broader path towards a conscious way of life.

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“The energy of clothes depends on a variety of factors such as colour, design and print. The purer these factors, the more virtuous the final product will be. Clothes in peaceful colours attract spiritual and positive vibrations. In addition, natural dyes in positive colours, in general, attract good vibrations, manifesting spirituality into fashionable clothes,” he added.

The new age of spirituality has manifested into fashion. It is the core in which brands and new generations have connected in transformation. The impossible speed of the fashion system is creating a sustainable period, giving a unique opportunity to youth to express their beliefs and faith in god. New-age brands are also sharing values connected with youth’s philosophies.

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