Eamonn Holmes describes his shingles symptoms


He said: “HM Revenue & Customs had decided to challenge my status as a freelancer [claiming he was an employee of ITV and therefore liable to pay more tax], so we had just been to court.

“It was the most horrendous experience of my life, outside my father dying suddenly 30 years ago. A week of absolute bullying and harassment. It was like being clubbed. I was absolutely drained so, low and behold, I developed shingles.

“It was incredibly painful and exhausting, and I had to take time off work to recuperate. I couldn’t have gone on telly like that. There isn’t a camera filter in the world that could have made me look better.”

If things could not get any worse for the star, during the time he was diagnosed with the condition his eldest son Declan was due to be married.

Commenting on this Eamonn added: “It was the first wedding in the family, but it really had an impact on the day. I looked awful. I had makeup all over my face trying to pretend everything was fine, but my eyes were just two slits.”



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