Dubai Beats London in Tripadvisor’s World’s Most Popular Destination For 2022


Every year, Tripadvisor releases Travellers’ Choice Awards for Destinations – The Best of the Best Destinations on its platform. The renowned travel firm announces the world’s top destinations, based on user reviews and ratings. On Wednesday, the firm revealed that Dubai has surpassed London to become the most popular vacation destination for 2022. Travellers worldwide made their choice, which is now available as a part of the data in Tripadvisor latest study.

After taking traveller reviews and ratings into account for a 12-month period between November 2020 and October 2021, Tripadvisor named Rome as one destination where food lovers, from far and beyond, will continue to flock to. 71 percent of Americans are likely to travel for leisure this year, added the study. Mallorca in Spain was ranked as the most popular among all the trending destinations.

Tripadvisor in an e-mail to CNN Travel said, “Dubai has shoved perennial icons like London, Paris and Rome aside to take the [number one spot].”

Tripadvisor’s 10 highest-rated and most-loved spots in the world are:

1- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2- London, United Kingdom

3- Cancún, Mexico

4- Bali, Indonesia

5- Crete, Greece

6- Rome, Italy

7- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

8- Istanbul, Turkey

9- Paris, France

10- Hurghada, Egypt

Decoding Dubai’s numero uno spot

Dubai becomes the highest-rated and most-loved spot on earth. Justin Reid, director of media, destinations and travel at Tripadvisor, told the portal, “Dubai has been slowly rising in the ranks of Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards over the past few years, and now in 2022 takes the crown of the number one most popular destination in the world.” An ultramodern city, Dubai has it all: golden beaches, world-class dining, and gorgeous hotels. Further adding that being ranked by travellers all over the world as the best implies that Dubai obtained stellar traveller reviews across all of its tourism sectors.

The tourism sector took a major hit across continents due to travel restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic since the outbreak of coronavirus. Dubai, however, managed to attract visitors from all the parts of the world in the last one year, and “stood out as their favourite place to go in a year when they really needed some excitement.”

Meanwhile, check out Tripadvisor’s ranking of cities and countries in other categories too.

Tripadvisor’s 10 most trending destinations in the world

1- Mallorca, Spain

2- Cairo, Egypt

3- Rhodes, Greece

4- Tulum, Mexico

5- Dubrovnik, Croatia

6- Ibiza, Spain

7- Natal, Brazil

8- Arusha, Tanzania

9- Göreme, Turkey

10- Santorini, Greece

Tripadvisor’s 10 most popular destinations in the United States

1- Las Vegas, Nevada

2- Oahu, Hawaii

3- Maui, Hawaii

4- Key West, Florida

5- New York City, New York

6- New Orleans, Louisiana

7- Savannah, Georgia

8- Miami Beach, Florida

9- Nashville, Tennessee

10- Sedona, Arizona

Tripadvisor features favourites in other speciality categories as well. Some of these include:

Food lovers: Rome, Italy

Outdoor enthusiasts: Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Skiers: Zermatt, Switzerland

City lovers: Dubai

Sun seekers: Cancún

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