Drinking From Shoe to Mandatory Eye Contact, Have a Look at Some Drinking Traditions Around the World


Drinking has always been associated with celebration and festivities when people get together to socialize and enjoy some booze. People across the globe have a range of preferences when it comes to their favourite liquor, some like to sip on whiskey or rum while others opt for vodka or beer.

But besides the type of liquor that people consume, what gets more fascinating is the way they consume it. Different regions of the world have some unique traditions of drinking with each one of them having some significance in their culture.

From France to Russia and Ukraine, let us have a look at some of the most amusing drinking traditions around the world.


Attendees at Ukrainian weddings get to see a very strange yet interesting drinking tradition where a guest tries to steal the shoe of the bride. If the guest manages to do so, he/she gets a chance to demand something from the other party in exchange for the shoe. Usually, this demand is to drink vodka from the shoe by placing a glass inside it.


In this European country, a tradition named ‘Kopstootje’ is quite famous which translates to ‘little headbutt’ in English. Going by the ritual, people have to gulp a whole glass of Genever, a traditional liquor served in a tulip-shaped glass. However, the drink must be finished without using hands and one has to bend over to lift the glass with his/her mouth and then even gulp down a beer after it.


In traditional French weddings, the bride and groom are sent to their room on the reception day. After this, the guests gather all the leftover food from the ceremony and then the newlywed couple are made to drink the mixture. It is believed that the ritual helps with the virility of the couple.


Vodka is pretty synonymous with Russian culture and the drink is extremely popular in the country. Traditionally in Russian bars, people usually take the shots in sync with each other and drink it only chilled and straight from the glass. Many even place the vodka bottles on the floor as leaving them on the table indicates that the person is destitute.

Czech Republic

People in the Czech Republic take their drinking traditions very seriously. Here, eye contact is a must while you are seated at a table and drinking. Moreover, crossing arms with anyone while lifting the glass to toast must be avoided at all costs, and spilling the drink is also considered a sin.

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