Dr Nighat: Feeling depressed could trigger conditions including diabetes and hypertension


From the beginning of the pandemic, mental health conditions have seen a rapid rise. England saw 4.3 million mental health referrals made in 2021 – a record number. The pandemic took an emotional toll on millions, but what about the physical aspects of these conditions?

Speaking on This Morning, Dr Nighat shared that this staggeringly high number “shouldn’t come as a shock”.

The doctor explained that mental health problems were a given since people got separated from the rest of society and locked down in their homes.

However, the lesser-known impact of the mental health crisis is the toll taken on the physical one.

Dr Nighat said: “If you’re lonely and you’re depressed, it will cause palpitations… high blood pressure, even onset of diabetes.”

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“Your weight might go up.”

“The fact that mental health became a component of physical health was brilliant but then the consultations went up in the pandemic.”

Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can have further serious health implications.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure details the long-term force of your blood against your artery walls, the Mayo Clinic defines.




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