Don’t Treat Your Life As A Credit Card


These days, I get to interact with young people. Majority of them seem to be living in some kind of dilemma, a deep mental crisis. They have two sides of life. In one, everything appears fine from outside and the other one, which is not so good. One of my friends from Bhopal came to me with his brother whose behavior has changed in recent times.

This young man looks healthy from outside. He doesn’t have any money but his expenses are well outside his limits. He has a long list of dreams, but he doesn’t have a solid foundation to fulfil them. Most of the luxuries of his life are bought on credit cards.

When doors of mind were opened after a long conversation of faith and belongingness, he told us that his energy is mostly spent in handling the debts. His saving from the work goes all the way to pay the interests of credit cards. When I requested him to stop using credit card and deposit the rest of the debt, he said, ‘No, this money is useful in emergency.’

At this time, his elder brother recalled that whenever money was needed he timely helped his younger brother. On this, younger brother said, ‘Yes, but credit card is actually the confidence of having money with me.’

At last, he agreed on submitting the cards.

Taking help from family is not easy. Hesitation and ego make it difficult, while credit cards don’t have any such problems. Our decisions, understanding and wisdom are being decided by the advertisements. We must remember that whenever water crisis occurs in village, we go back to the dry well and ponds. Our crisis begins from inside, but appears outside. Whenever a crisis appears, it is to be find out if it is the outer one or the inner one!

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