Don’t Look Beyond Your Inner Circle


It is necessary to maintain communication on all the subjects in this sensitive era. Decision of facing the crisis alone usually weakens us. Life doesn’t have anything which can’t be shared. Our mind’s illusions build a wall around us. There is no crisis which can’t be discussed.

Mindfulness is continuously getting e-mails and messages. As an experiment, we requested some men not to hesitate in sharing their economic problems with their life partners. We made them understand that sharing economic problems with family will help in handling the crisis.

An IT engineer from Indore, Rajesh Dubey got ready to so with a little hesitation. He had taken a few credit card to hide his salary cut so that he doesn’t need to curb his expenses or bring any difference in lifestyle. He was expecting to get his original salary back, but that didn’t happen. As a result, his credit card bill increased, his interest went upto Rs 2 lakh and he reached the brink of brain hemorrhage.

I would request all the readers of this column that don’t confine the communication to particular subjects. Sujit Sircar’s movie ‘Vicky Doner’ is very significant from the communication point of view. It tells us how communication can be carried out on a subject.

All kinds of hesitation and inconvenience have been created by us. Our ability to get out of a difficult crisis will reduce if we won’t make our family and near ones the shareholders of crisis. That is why communication is essential.

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