Do You Suffer From Poor Digestion? Avoid These Daily Mistakes And Observe The Change


Proper digestion is key to a healthy life. You should always monitor what you eat and make sure that you are providing only essential things to your stomach and not junk food. Problems in digestion also arise when our digestive system is not able to break down the food properly. And then, we don’t get enough nutrition even after eating enough food.

According to Ayurvedic doctor Diksha Bhavsar Savaliya, to keep the digestive system healthy, we need to make some changes in our lifestyle. There are five daily mistakes that we should avoid to improve digestion, according to her post on Instagram.

The first mistake is bathing right after the meals

She says that according to Ayurveda, every activity has a specific period and in this context, taking a bath right after meals disturbs digestion. She explains that the fire element in the body is responsible for food digestion, so when you eat, the fire element gets activated and results in increased blood circulation for effective digestion. But, when you take a shower, the body temperature goes down and slows the digestion process. So it is advisable to take a bath at least after two hours of having food.

The second mistake is walking right after meals

Going for long walks, swimming or exercising is not recommended right after a meal. Diksha says that all these activities aggravate the Vata, which, in turn, leads to bloating, incomplete absorption of nutrition & feeling of discomfort post meals.

Next is having lunch after 2 pm

The Ayurvedic doctor recommends having lunch anytime between 12 to 2 pm when the sun is at its peak in the sky. She says that it is that time of the day when pitta is dominant, which helps digest your food easily.

Consuming curd at night

Ayurveda asks to avoid curd at night as it creates Kapha and pitta dosha in the body. During the night, there is a natural predominance of kapha in the body and having curd at this time can lead to excess kapha build-up which can make you feel constipated.

Sleeping right after Meals

Diksha suggests a gap of three hours. She says if the body’s energy is diverted into physical digestion, the body repairs, healing, and mental digestive process all get hampered.

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