Do You Know People get Paid for Hugs? Know all About Professional Cuddling


The sixth day of love week is hailed as Hug Day. It is celebrated on February 12. After a long day at work, a warm hug from your companion may quickly lighten your mood and put a smile on your face. While we are used to the idea of receiving hugs with nothing in exchange, some people are getting paid to do so.

It’s not very common to hear about this in India, yet companionship companies have popped up all around the world in recent years. While they are still not well understood, a tiny number of them are successfully locating and comforting lonely individuals.

Paying to snuggle may sound silly, desperate, or even sleazy. However, these firms serve a wide range of individuals all around the world. Touch has been proven to benefit humans, with studies linking it to feelings of calm, surges in the hormone oxytocin, and drops in blood pressure.

What are professional Cuddlers?

Simply put, these are persons who are hired to cuddle with clients on a platonic level. Paid companionship has a long history and was once common enough to appear in literature, as in Edith Wharton’s 1905 fiction The House of Mirth, which spotlights a character who dwells off the benevolence of her wealthy friends while acting as a friend and confidant and travel mate in exchange for free trips, dresses, and other luxuries.

Why it is needed?

Professional cuddling and buddy rentals appear to be filling a very contemporary demand. However, touch treatment is still viewed with scepticism. Our civilization is touch-phobic as well as touch-deprived.

We exist in a technologically advanced but increasingly isolated world, which has resulted in skin hunger and a fundamental desire to feel more connected to ourselves and others.

By desiring platonic contact, we accept that we are human; we all need to feel empathy, compassion, emotional safety, consciousness, acceptance, and belonging, and cuddle therapy helps us achieve this.

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