Dipping Sauces To Know About When You Try Korean Barbecue


Korean culture has been gaining popularity in India recently. From Korean drama to Korean food and also Korean musicians have been influencing and marking their presence in the world of entertainment and art.

When it comes to Korean food, the first dish people try out at a restaurant is barbecue. Live cooking is one of the most popular experiences people like to try when they visit a Korean restaurant. The next time you visit a Korean restaurant, keep in mind these sauces you must try when you are served grilled meat.

Sesame oil sauce

One of the most humble mixtures served with meat is a mixture of Sesame oil, salt and black pepper. The ingredients are mixed and served to you. Stir your piece of meat in the mixture and enjoy. This sauce is usually served with chadolbaegi (beef brisket) and pork belly, and both the meats come unseasons. The sesame oil sauce adds flavour to your piece of meat which is pulled off the grill.


Ssamjang is another thick Korean dipping sauce that is a blend of fermented red pepper paste and doenjang (fermented soybean paste). It is mixed with garlic, green onions, sesame oil mixed with a sweetener like sugar and honey. The bold sauce has a complex flavour which is salty, tart, savoury and sweet. Apart from meat, this sauce can also be used to dip cucumbers and lettuce. These sauces can be easily made at home, or are available in any Korean store.


Gochujang is another Korean sauce prepared with red chillies called Gochugaru. The sauce is sweet, savoury and spicy which makes it one of the favourite Korean condiments. To make Gochujang, add red chilli paste with rice vinegar and sesame oil.

Wasabi and soy sauce

Wasabi and Soy sauce is another sauce thatis spicy, pungent. Wasabi and Soy sauce can elevate flavour of your dish in an instant. It is made with Wasabi paste, soy sauce, sugar and slices of onion. It is a palate cleanser and is usually served with each dish.



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