Boxing: Who Is Alysia Magen?

Before becoming an Instagram sensation, Alysia Magen served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force.


Alysia Magen worked in the Air Force in the past
Alysia Magen worked in the Air Force in the past


Magen, a jack of all crafts, has also worked as a dental assistant. The Air Force Community College awarded Alysia Magen an Associate Degree.

She began modeling after being a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Magen enjoys leading boot camp sessions to motivate and aid others in getting physically fit.

As part of her endeavors, she organized the 2014 Gulf Coast Mud Run for orphans. In addition, the model enjoys snowboarding, skiing, beach volleyball, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and touring as much as she can.

Did Alysia Magen undergo plastic surgery before becoming a fitness model?

Alysia Magen had a shocking transformation from an Air Force agent to an Instagram model, so people assume she had plastic surgery.
Her fans and many people are curious to find out if the rumors of her having a hair transplant and botched operation are true but it does seem to be the case here.

Ms. Magen works out twice a day, starting at 4 a.m. for two hours of fasting cardio and then doing heavy training after work. She will occasionally cram a meal in between patients, freeing up her lunch break for an extra workout.


Alysia Magen is a star on Instagram
Alysia Magen is a star on Instagram


Instagram influencers make most of their money by advertising products in their social media postings. Ms. Magen also organizes boot camps and sells her own line of leggings and exercise routines.

Magen claimed that her goal is to inspire others and assist them in living a healthy and happy life. She has also become able to raise a good net worth from her career.

Alysia Magen Age: How Old Is She?

A lot of websites on the Internet suggest that Alysia Magen is currently at the age of 32 years old.

Alysia has received numerous awards for her work and is a well-known figure on social media. Magen qualified for the NPC nationals with a second-place finish in open bikini and a third-place finish in novice in her debut bikini competition.

Magen also performed at the AFS fitness event in Helsinki, Finland, on March 6th, 2015. At the time, she was a member of Team Armed Forces Europe.

In front of a huge crowd of 50,000 people, Alysia took first place in the bikini sport short class and second place overall.

Alysia Magen And Blac Chyna Had A Boxing Match

Alysia Magen and Blac Chyna were recently involved in a celebrity boxing match where Alysia emerged victorious.


Alysia Magen and Blac Chyna were involved in a boxing match
Alysia Magen and Blac Chyna were involved in a boxing match


During their violent Celebrity Boxing bout on Saturday in Florida, Blac Chyna was knocked on her backside by opponent Magen before a draw was proclaimed.

When the dismal verdict was announced, both stars yelled “not fair,” but when the ring lady asked if they wanted a rematch, they stared blankly at her.

At a weigh-in event where they roasted each other on Friday, Chyna lunged at Alysia before their bout started.