Diabetes: Treatment for blood sugar includes avoiding white bread and white rice in diet


There are also some breakfast foods to be cautious of, suggested the doctor. She said: “It’s important to be aware that some foods, such as breakfast cereals, are higher in sugar than you may realise and alternatives like porridge oats and wholegrain cereals are a better option.

“Other breakfast foods that should be avoided are fruit juice and smoothies as they can put blood sugar up very quickly.

“Fruit in general can be consumed and I would never recommend excluding any fruit totally because of the nutritional value that fruit contains, however, there are certain fruits that I would recommend over others for someone with type 2 diabetes.

“For example, berries or an apple rather than pineapple, oranges or bananas. Tinned fruit, however, I would avoid as it is kept in a high-sugar syrup.”



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