Dental Experts Lay Down Complications of Viral Turkey Teeth Trend


Turkey Teeth trend is currently all over the internet. The ongoing buzz created by reality TV stars of Love Island, Jack Fincham and Katie Price, is taking a toll on the dental health of thousands of Britons. They are suffering from dental issues like dead stumps, abscesses and nerve damage post their cosmetic dental procedure in Turkey.

The name, Turkey teeth are given after the trend where people travel to Turkey to get crowns, which involves shaving off the calcium bone 70 per cent to get a perfect smile at a much cheaper rate as compared to other countries.

However, dental experts have expressed that the procedure can leave people at the risk of nerve damage, death of teeth, severe pain, gum abscess and pulpitis.

BBC News recently conducted a survey on 1,000 UK dentists and reported that 597 said that they had treated patients who experienced complications after visiting Turkey for dental work.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, Dr Suman Yadav, Head of the Dental Department in Healing Tree Hospital in Ghaziabad stated the principal reason, why people choose to have Turkey teeth is a substantial reduction in the cost of this procedure.

She further mentioned that patients who opt for the cosmetic procedure have a variety of options to choose from for the implanted caps, including shape, material and colour, which in their opinion, will get a sparkling white Hollywood smile.

She also said that the surgery is painful and complications like nerve damage, tissue damage, severe pain, swelling and redness, and difficulty in chewing have been reported.

Dr Geetha K Patil, Consultant – Dental Science, Fortis Hospital in Bengaluru also spoke to the news portal and shared that if one compares veneers and crowns, the former do not last long and crowns are better and long-lasting. The dentist also added that for getting crowns tooth structure needs to be reduced to rebuild the teeth with ceramic.

She even added that the patient has a chance of developing pain and experiencing a lot of sensitivity and they might even develop gum abscess and pulpitis.

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