Dementia: Fish high in mercury linked to the brain condition – ‘Avoid overconsumption’


In his recent book The End of Alzheimer’s Disease, the expert documented a number of cases similar to the study of the man who consumed too much mercury through fish.

However, currently, there’s not enough research to establish a firm link. Plus, not all fish has the same level of mercury.

Mr Abdeh said: “It should be noted that fish with a high mercury content are not the common varieties found in supermarkets and restaurants, such as salmon or sardines. 

“Therefore, people should not avoid these types of fish as the likes of protein, omega-3, and fatty acids contained in them are invaluable to our health.

“Fish that are high in mercury tend to be saltwater predator fish, such as swordfish, shark, and king mackerel (not to be confused with regular mackerel, which is highly nutritious). Some freshwater fish contain mercury too.”



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