Decorte Eye Glow Gems Review


Decorte Eye Glow Gems

Remember Suqqu’s ‘fog’ lipsticks, designed to give a slightly diffused and softened look to the lips? Well, the Decorte Eye Glow Gems are the eye equivalent. They look rather intense in the pots but once on the lids, they’re far more of a subtle lid brightener than anything – perfect for the less is more look where you just want something to elevate a look rather than be the look. I have Almond, Paly Coral and Weeping Wysteria above, in that order, but there is an impressive 38 shade line up.

Decorte Eye Glow Gems

At the same time, their Tint Lip Glosses are something to look out for if you like your lip colours minimal but glossy.

Decorte Eye Glow Gems

These are completely non-sticky and give just a flush of colour on the lips – it’s a very gentle lip look that a lot of Japanese brands favour and the texture is absolutely lush. It feels like a luxury (at £25 it is) and if you’ve never been a gloss person, this is where to start for the best of experiences. Eye Glows are also £25 each but I can see them being day to day wear and disappearing quickly from the pot!

Decorte Eye Glow Gems

The eye glows are silky – like a compressed mousse (if that makes sense) but I think if you have very oily lids they’ll disappear unless you use a primer first. I found the last okay on me although I find the colours more matte than ‘glow’, so that description is not to be taken too literally. I think it refers more to the lid brightening effect than the actual finish.

Decorte Eye Glow Gems

In the swatch, it’s Weeping Wysteria (had to stop myself typing Hysteria), Almond and Paly Coral followed by Scarlet Red and Ruby Chocolate in the gloss. They’re HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

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