Date, Time, Significance of the Festival Dedicated to Lord Krishna


The Diwali week is here and as we all are busy preparing for one of the biggest festivals of the year, let us not forget another important day of Govardhan Puja. The occasion is celebrated by devotees of Lord Krishna. The Govardhan puja or Annakut or the Pratipada Tithi, Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the Moon) is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik. Govardhan Puja comes fourth in the five day long Diwali festival that starts with Govatsa Dwadashi puja or Dhanteras (in some regions), followed by Naraka Chaturdashi and Lakshmi Pujan.

Govardhan Puja is associated with the legend of Lord Krishna’s triumph over Indra, the King of the Devas. Devotees of Lord Krishna, who was one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu, should read on to know the date, puja time and other details of this occasion.

Govardhan Puja 2020 date

This year, Govardhan puja will be celebrated on Saturday, November 15.

Govardhan Puja 2020 Tithi

The Pratipada tithi starts from 10:36 AM on November 15 and ends at 7:06 AM on November 16.

Govardhan Puja 2020 significance

The Hindu devotees remember Lord Krishna and thank the Govardhan Parvat that he lifted with his finger to save the people of the Braj Bhoomi after Indra Dev caused massive floods to avenge them.

According to the legend, Indra Dev was infuriated when he learnt that people of Braj Bhoomi were worshipping Govardhan hill instead of him. To teach the villagers a lesson, Lord Indra unleashed incessant rains for days. However, Lord Krishna came to their rescue and lifted the Govardhan hill to provide them shelter from all the destruction.

On this day, devotees offer a variety of food and sweets to the lord and the Govardhan parvat. Some also prepare Chhapan Bhog, a platter consisting of 56 recipes that is made and offered to the deity as a mark of gratitude. The food is presented as a miniature mountain to signify Govardhan hill and hence it is also referred to as Annakut. Devotees in the Braj region, which is modern-day Mathura and Vrindavan, circumambulate the remains of the Govardhan Parvat and pay their respects to it.



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