Date, Time and Effects on Zodiac Signs


The world is going to witness the first solar eclipse of 2022 on April 30. According to the Hindu calendar, the solar eclipse or Surya Grahan this year is falling on Amavasya Tithi of the Vaishakha month. Let’s look at the date, timings and the effect it will create on various zodiac signs.

Date and Time

The first solar eclipse of the year is expected to begin at 12:15 pm on April 30 and is said to end at 4.07 am on May 1. The solar eclipse is going to be a partial eclipse with only 65 per cent of the Sun to be covered by Moon, according to US space agency NASA.

Solar Eclipse in India

India will not be able to witness the eclipse this year. According to NASA, the solar eclipse will only be visible in parts of South America including Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, western Paraguay, southwestern Bolivia, southeastern Peru, and a tiny area of southwestern Brazil. Apart from regions of Antarctica, the Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific and the Southern Ocean will also witness a partial eclipse on April 30.

Effect on Zodiac Signs

Although the solar eclipse is partial and won’t be visible in India it is said to affect these three zodiac signs:

Aries: The eclipse is expected to take place in the zodiac sign, Aries. Therefore, people belonging to this sign need to focus more on their health. They can also expect some good news coming their way. Financial conditions may improve. If one is looking for a job, the effect of this solar eclipse will bring better opportunities.

Cancer: The solar eclipse will bring positivity to the life of Cancerians. Great professional success is waiting for them on the way. They can also expect happiness and peace in the family. This is a great time for you to jump into new ventures.

Scorpion: On the day of the solar eclipse, the people of the Scorpio zodiac sign need to avoid debate and conflicts as they can put you in trouble and result in a defamation case.

After the first solar eclipse of the year, people will soon experience the first lunar eclipse of 2022 on May 16.

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