Date, Signficance and Wishes to Share with Your Loved Ones


National Hug Day is celebrated every year on January 21to encourage people to show their love and care towards their special people with a hug. The day was initially being celebrated in the United States of America (USA) and has gradually become popular in each and every part of the world. National Hug Day was first celebrated in the year 1986 in Clio, Michigan. However, before giving a hug to anyone, it is always important to ask them first while respecting the personal space of others. Hugging also has a positive impact on one’s mind and body as it is believed that by hugging someone, oxytocin releases in the brain which can lift your mind. It also gives you an emotional charge which in turn strengthens your immune system. A simple hug sometimes also helps in reducing stress and anxiety by making people comfortable.

Here are some of the wishes you can send to your family and loved ones.

1. Sometimes a hug from the right person is all you need to shoot the troubles. Happy National Hugging Day!

2. Instead of saying how much the person matters, just give a hug to show the same. Happy hugging day!

3. You are a person who deserves all the love and care. Here is a small way of showing it to you with a warm hug. Happy National Hug Day!

4. Even though we are miles apart, sending you a warm hug to make you feel special. Happy Hug Day!

5. To relieve all your tension, reduce stress, and improve your blood flow here is a warm hug from my side. Happy National Hug Day!

6. Use your arms to wrap a person in a hug and show your love and respect. Wish you a very happy national hug day!

7. Give someone a hug today to make them feel special and wish a wonderful day ahead. Happy national hug day!

8. Without saying anything, let people know you love them just by a hug. Happy National Hug Day!



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