Date, History, Significance of Ramzan’s Last Friday


JUMAT-UL-VIDA 2022: Jumat-Ul-Vida is the final Friday in the month of Ramadan. It means that may the holy Quran’s warm wishes be upon you. Jumat-Ul-Vida will start in the evening of April 28, Thursday. It will end in the evening of April 29, Friday. Jumat-Ul-Vida is considered an optional holiday by the government and many employers. The day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by Muslim families. They pray to the holy almighty and go to each other’s houses to exchange greetings.

History and Celebration

According to Islamic traditions, it is considered that a messenger of god visits the mosque and hears Imam on this day. It is said that individuals who go to worship as their first work in the morning will be awarded for their efforts. A huge congregation is held at mosques. During this holiday, individuals recite the Quran. They also indulge in other religious rituals and do charitable acts of providing food to the poor and needy.


Prophet Mohammad had also said that Allah will grant forgiveness to anyone for their misdeeds if they perform Friday Namaz regularly. However, the occasion of Jumat Ul-Vida is considered special. People have the belief that reading from the holy book of Quran would result in getting blessings from almighty on this occasion. Tents are put up outside mosques to accommodate large gatherings of followers. Prayers for prosperity and world peace are also held. After the festivities are over, families hold feasts at homes. The day reminds Muslim folks that they should never forget their religious duties.

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