Covid: Three substances found in sputum may be ‘at the heart’ of severe and long Covid


What’s more, this accumulation is difficult to dislodge, hence the development of the infamous “dry cough” that characterises COVID-19.

The health platform Medical Express offered the following description of the stringy substance: “All three substances are hygroscopic – they soak up water like a sponge – and agglomerate into gelatinous tangles, impairing oxygen exchange and thickening sputum, to the point at which expelling it presents what can be an insurmountable challenge.”

The scientists came to the findings after conducting an analysis of patients with breathing impaired COVID-19 patients.

“We analysed this sputum to see what it’s made of, why it’s so difficult for the lungs to get rid of and how it affects the immune response,” added professor Bollyky.

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