Confused About the Timing of Mediation? Deepak Chopra is Here to Answer


From managing stress to reducing negative emotions, meditation has a lot of benefits. Many people have embarked to make meditation a part of their life, but are still clueless about the best time to do it. Deepak Chopra has the answer to those queries.

Under “Ask Deepak” option on his website, a user enquired about the right time for meditation. And, Deepak was of the opinion that it is best to meditate twice a day, once in the morning before work, and in the early evening after work and before dinner. According to the author, the rest which is gained from the meditation forms the foundation for the day’s activity.

Replying to the user’s statement of meditating past 8 pm, the author said that it will not reap the right amount of benefits. “However, now that you know the value of earlier meditation, make an effort to establish a regular routine so it is not put off until bedtime”, spiritual leader concluded.

Meditation helps you gain a new perspective on life. An individual discovers a lot of inner peace in this process. Here are some of the benefits of meditation-

Reduce stress

Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation, meditation helps us return to a more calm state of mind.

Promote productivity

It helps reduce stress. When we will work in a relaxed state of mind, our productivity will automatically get a boost.

Focused frame of mind

Those who are suffering from a short attention period can be helped to a great extent by meditation. It helps to focus the mind on present.

Improves relationships

Meditation let us discover inner peace. When we are at inner peace with ourselves we will be grateful to others and it will improve our relationships with them.

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