Check Out the Broccoli Fritters Recipe For Kids


Broccoli fritters can be served with baked sweet potato fries

Broccoli Fritters are a delicious veggie-packed snack, which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

The light, golden-brown broccoli fritters are a delicious vegetarian dinner and most importantly, kids love this healthy yet easy-to-make recipe. Broccoli fritters are a delicious veggie-packed snack which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Even those who aren’t fans of broccoli will find these pakoras in no time. These can also be served with baked sweet potato fries and cauliflower potato salad for a well-balanced meal. Today, we have shared a broccoli fritters recipe by the digital creator ‘TheWhiskyAddict’. What are you waiting for? Go and check out the recipe right away!


Broccoli – 1

Onion – 1

garlic – 2-3 buds

Breadcrumbs – 1-2 tbsp

Almond powder – 1-2 tbsp

Cheese – 2 tbsp

Egg – 1

Salt – as per taste

Oregano – half tsp

Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

Olive oil – for roasting the fritters

Method of cooking broccoli fritters

Start with steaming broccoli for a few minutes, until it becomes soft but still a little bit al dente. Then, take a chopping board and cut the cooked broccoli into small pieces. After this, add some chopped garlic and onion to the mixture. Following this, grind the slices of bread in a mixer. Once you are done with this, grind the chopped vegetables in the mixture thoroughly.

Now, take out the paste in a bowl and give the desired shape to the pakoras. After this, heat some oil in a pan and cook around 3-4 pakoras at once. After a couple of minutes, flip it with a spatula and cook it till it turns golden brown.

Let’s now keep tissue paper on the plate for a few minutes to soak up the grease. Now, serve it hot with your children’s favourite sauce or dip. You can also serve the dish with hot ginger tea.

Check out the video of the recipe here

Tips to keep in mind while making broccoli fritters

Chop the ingredients finely. To ensure that the mixture holds together well, the broccoli and onions must be minced.

While frying, shape the fritters with a spatula. Don’t be concerned if the shapes appear imperfect at first and it appears to be falling apart.

Cook the fritters on a low flame. If the pan is too hot, the fritters will quickly turn brown on the outside while remaining uncooked in the centre.

Heat the olive oil thoroughly before adding the broccoli fritters to the pan.

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