Check Out Origin and History of the Land of Lord Jagannath on Utkal Divas


Every state of India has its own history. Likewise, Odisha is not an exception. Formerly known as Orissa, the land of splendid monuments, temples, architecture and history make this place an ever-vibrant state of India. Situated in the eastern part of India, the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, is home to rich tribal cultures along with hundreds of ancient Hindu temples like Mukteshvara, Lingaraj, Jagannath temple, and Sun temple of Konark among many more.

Moreover, Odisha is also the Jagannath Dham (the land of Lord Jagannath), a religious and spiritual place for pilgrimage. Completed in 1161, this temple is also known for the famous Rath Yatra. This traditional 12th century-old Jagannath temple, located at Puri attracts thousands of devotees and tourists.

Origin of Odisha Day

In the year 1936, on this day, Odisha was made a separate province and determined as a new state along with some parts of the Madras Presidency. Also, the name of the state originated from the Odra or Udra tribes, residing in the central region of Odisha. Thus, we celebrate Utkal Divas or Odisha Day on April 1 each year to recall the formation of the state to be recognised as a state.

History of Odisha

The term Odisha is derived from the Sanskrit word “Odra Desa” and historically, this state has been known by various names such as Utkala, Kalinga, Udra, Toshali, and Kosala. The wonderful ancient history of this state has been mentioned frequently in well-known texts like ‘Mahabharata’, ‘Vayu Purana’. 5000-year-old history of Odisha comprises so many powerful battles through different periods.

Odisha became famous during the rule of Kalinga between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. After that, the Maurya King Ashoka invaded it and conquered almost the whole of India and its surroundings. But it flourished during the 11th century under the Ganga Dynasty and has always stayed the fortress of the great Hindu architecture and culture till now.

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