Caron Nazario Arrested Update: Why Was The Virginia Army Lieutenant Apprehended By Police?

Caron Nazario was arrested by police immediately after stopping, but he was released without charges. The activity, however, was disrespectful to the uniformed army officer.

On December 5, 2020, while returning from training, the 27-year-old army officer was signaled to pull over in a Windsor traffic stop by police officers.

He drove a little further and came to a stop by the light of the gas station rather than in the dark, and this is where the conflict started.


Unaware of the situation, the young Army officer kept asking, “What’s going on?” with both hands raised, while the police officer yelled at him to get out of the car.

After a brief brawl, the police officer used pepper spray on him and handcuffed him, much to the chagrin of the army officer.

Learn About Caron Nazario Update – Pepper Spray Video

Caron Nazario was returning from his late-night training on the scheduled day. The cops yelled obscenities at him and sprayed him with pepper spray.

Despite the army officer’s best efforts, the police officers condemned him for not having a rear licensed plate and pepper sprayed him after pointing a gun at him.

After learning of the incident, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam labeled it “disturbing” and directed the Virginia State Police to handle it.

In a lawsuit, Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney Anton Bell is in charge of the case, which later proved the police officers’ guilt.


Joe Gutierrez was fired in April as a result of a court decision, but Daniel Crocker remained on the force. Caron has filed a lawsuit against the officers for violating his constitutional rights.

Where Is Caron Nazario Now?

Caron Nazario is back to his family and job after the incident that questioned his faith in police officers. Caron had never expected to be treated with disrespect while in military uniform.

Nazario has sued the police officers for his constitutional rights’ violation especially, his fourth amendment rights, and demanded at least $1 million as compensation.

The video of the conflict, which drew many criticisms, had reflected the composure of the army officer pleading and asking for clarification.

He never raised his voice for once but expressed his disappointment for such treatment while he was also the one serving the country.