Cardiac clinic chain Madhavbaug introduces new medical analytics app in India


Vaidya Sane Ayurved Labs, also known as Madhavbaug, a Maharashtra-based chain of heart clinics, has unveiled its medical analytics application that gives a complete picture of a chronic disease patient’s health. 

Operating 274 clinics and two hospitals nationwide, the medical service provider treats chronic diseases by combining technology with the traditional healing method of Ayurveda. 


Called Power MAP, the medical tool provides doctors with medical intelligence regarding a patient’s vitals. This is done through the integration of numerous data points coming through the health monitoring app mibPULSE. 

Aside from giving critical alerts concerning a patient’s health parameters, the app also renders an in-depth analysis of their health status and its comparison with historical data. 


Recently published research noted that the estimated number of active doctors and nurses in the country is around 6.1 and 10.6 per 10,000 persons respectively, which are below the World Health Organisation’s threshold. 

Given the shortage of health professionals in India, Madhavbaug said in a press statement that it took the responsibility to “empower physicians with medical intelligence” and to connect them with patients in rural and urban poor areas to improve their chronic conditions.

Power MAP, according to the company, has an easy-to-use interface and interactive visualisations that help doctors understand a patient’s health status “at a glance”. It also integrates various health services, such as pathology labs, dietitians, exercise experts, stress counsellors and other specialised consultants to support doctors in improving patients’ health outcomes.


In the chronic disease management space, Indian startup has released an AI-powered system that helps spot stroke at an early stage. The Stroke Management Platform enables remote diagnosis and decision making. ​​It has a companion mobile app where various specialists can view clinical and imaging data, as well as edit findings and share reports. 

Meanwhile, local digital healthcare provider MyHealthcare has developed and rolled out speciality EMRs which host a library of care protocols, a formulary database of drugs, and an AI-powered voice-to-text engine for recording clinical notes and diagnoses. Each EMR provides trend analysis, clinical markers, and alerts to guide doctors in enhancing care delivery.



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