Car Camping Checklist For A Comfortable Night In Nature


Camping is one of the best ways to genuinely connect with nature and enjoy all the incredible benefits of the great outdoors. There are also numerous forms of camping, from roughing it with the bare essentials to glamping in luxury and car camping.

Car camping is a reasonably popular option if you want to experience nature with more climate control and a dry shelter. This form of camping is somewhat the middle ground between regular camping and glamping because car camping offers campers medium comfort.

With this, if you’re planning a car camping adventure but haven’t yet braved the wild in your car, you might be wondering what to pack for such an adventure.

In this article, we’ve listed some car camping essentials that you’ll need to bring along.

Rooftop Tent

Unless you plan on lowering your car seats to sleep inside your vehicle, investing in a rooftop tent is an excellent option. This kind of tent fits on top of your car, giving you enough space to get a good night’s rest.

Even so, there’s quite a broad range of these tents on the market, so it’s worthwhile to evaluate the best rooftop tents for your particular vehicle before making a purchase.

Camping Stove

You will also need a camping stove and some cookware to prepare meals in the wild. When choosing a camping stove, consider the amount of space it requires; the right camping stove shouldn’t take up all your packing space.

Moreover, you must consider your budget and the stove’s durability before purchasing.

On the topic of cooking, it’s also worthwhile to look into camping recipes to decide which foods are best to bring along.

Fire Starter

Next, you will also need a fire starter for cooking and warmth. Aside from these tasks, camping is just not the same without a fire. Opt for a waterproof fire-starting tool that can create a spark. A regular five-pack of lighters is a good choice.

Clean Water

When camping in the wild, it’s never wise to drink any water you come across. Instead, it’s essential to bring clean drinking water, or at the very least, a water purifying tool.

Lights And A Headlamp

There’s no arguing the importance of bringing along a few lights and a headlamp. Even though you could use your car’s lighting, this will run the battery flat, and you might end up stuck.

Pack in a headlamp, a few torches, and perhaps a lantern or two to light up your campsite enough. In addition, it’s also wise to pack in extra batteries for these items.

A First Aid Kit

It’s also crucial to pack in a first aid kit that contains bandages, plasters, antibiotic ointment, bug spray, disinfectant, scissors, and other essential items that you might need. If you aren’t sure what to pack into your first aid kit, you can opt for a prepacked one containing all the basics.

Lastly, you will also need to pack in appropriate clothing, a blanket, pillow, and sleeping bag, biodegradable hygiene wipes, a cooler box, and enough food to keep you full for the duration of your trip.

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