Cancer symptoms: Four ‘common’ signs of lymphoma – ‘Useful’


How do you know?

Ahead of blood cancer awareness month, Blood Cancer UK conducted a survey of members of the public to find out how many of them knew about the symptoms of blood cancer.

Of the 2,230 surveyed, over 55 percent of them could not name a single symptom of the condition. Meanwhile, only 25 percent said they would consult their GP if they had the main symptoms of the disease.

Blood Cancer UK’s Kate Keightley said: “It’s extremely concerning to continue to see such low public awareness of the symptoms. Sadly, symptoms such as night sweats and unexplained tiredness, weight loss and bruising can sometimes be dismissed or downplayed, with devastating results.”

Keightley added: “We fear many people might also be confusing breathlessness, a fever and tiredness with COVID-19 and cases are being left undiagnosed. At the moment, we know that too many people are being diagnosed late, which often reduces the chance of survival, so it is so vital people get symptoms checked out as soon as possible.”

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