Can A Low-Carb Diet Help In Reducing Weight?


‘Low-carb diet’ has become a buzzword among health-conscious people. A low-carb diet focuses on limiting carb intake to help the body burn fat fast. The biggest reason for the popularity of the low-carb diet is it aids in weight loss.

Here are a few benefits of the low-carb diet-
As per Healthline, limiting the carb intake reduces insulin levels in the body. One of the functions of insulin is to stimulate the production of fat (lipogenesis) and inhibits the burning of fat (lipolysis).

Low carb diet helps in losing significant amounts of excess water from the body. This help in rapid weight loss visible in the first week or two. Thus, you can get rid of bloating and excess water weight from your body.

People who are on a low-carb diet resort to food rich in protein. Protein reduces appetite, boosts metabolism, and helps retain muscle mass in addition to limiting calories.

Like everything else, there’s a flipside to this diet as well. The risk of a low-carb diet is-
According to Mayo Clinic, restricting carbs may result in gastrointestinal disturbances like constipation due to a lack of fibre in the diet. Doctors recommend including low-carb and high-fibre vegetables in the diet.

A low-carb diet helps in burning fat, known as dietary ketosis. According to Doris Pasteur, Director of the Nutrition Wellness program at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City, the increase in ketones production dehydrates the body quickly.

Restricting carbs for a long time may result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. An NYU nutritionist, Samantha Heller, believes that cutting out cereals, fruits, vegetables, and grains, means cutting out your folic acid and a B vitamin too. Experts recommend intake of B vitamin supplement along with folic acid.

Reports also suggest that one can face headaches and muscle cramps, feel fatigued, weak and even develop bad breath.

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